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  • We are the UKAS Accredited PTSI & NDT Experts

Structural Load Testing

Take a load off with Water, Kentledge or Hydraulics

Every load test undertaken and subsequent monitoring of load and deflection is bespoke and designed to meet the clients requirements.

HTA can install and design the required temporary and enabling works, including installation of crash decks or reaction frames.

Load Testing Investigations include

The following list is not exhaustive, however it gives a good idea of the range of elements tested and the appropriate test method, if there is something you require that is not listed please get in touch, as we will most likely be able to assist.

Load Testing by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

An example of what we structurally test:

  • Reinforced Concrete Suspended Floors
  • Prestressed Concrete Suspended Floors
  • Wood Wool Slabs
  • Parapets and Ballastrades
  • Railway Station Platforms
  • Roofs
  • Freestanding Masonry Walls
  • Grouted Ground Anchors
  • Chemical Anchors
  • Remedial Wall ties
  • Tensile Testing of Structural Fixings

An example of how we carry out tests:

Load Testing by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

Application of Load

  • Using Water to Apply Load
  • Using Kentledge to Apply Load
  • Using Jacks/Cylinders to Apply Load

Monitoring Load and Deflection

  • Using Digital Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDT)
  • Using Load Cells
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring

Monitoring is always carried out remotely using multi channel data logger to ensure safety of all staff and accuracy of results.

Applying Load to a Chimney Stack

The movement seen was made by hand pushing the other side.

Due to how easy this chimney was deflected there was a request by the client to carry out a full proof load test.

Watch more videos of the HTA crew at work by clicking here

Under pressure with Structural Load Testing projects?

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It is impossible for one company to carry out every project, however we can share our expertise far and wide.

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