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Compressive Strength

Understanding Brick Make up to Determine Strength

Different brick types offer different compressive strength, plus extracting bricks from their mortar can often be problematic, these issues and more are always competently handled by HTA.

With over 30 years of experience HTA offers a multi-skilled work force and an approach that blends traditional techniques with the latest technology.

HTA Compressive Strength Surveys include:

The following list is not exhaustive, however gives an example of the surveys carried out, if there is a survey required that is not listed get in touch and HTA will accommodate your requirements.

  • Units - Compressive Strength Testing of Brick & Masonry Units
  • Cores - Compressive Strength Testing of Brick & Masonry Cores
  • UKAS - All test carried out by UKAS Accredited Laboratories
  • Technique Selection - correct techniques can save time and money


Whether brick units have been taken out in whole or via a cored sample for lab analysis, there is often a requirement for reinstatement. Matching brickwork and mortar as closely as possible is often desired by the client to keep the asset as visually appealing as possible.

At HTA we take care to disguise and extractions as closely as possible with the surrounding wall.

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