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'Regent Street Disease'​

The Deterioration of Regent Street Buildings

HTA have been asked to carry out investigations and surveys to several buildings in Regent Street to determine the effect of 'Regent Street Disease' on the structures in this part of London. But what is 'Regent Street Disease'?

Up until the 1950's the steel frames used in building construction were packed tightly with stone or facing masonry, unfortunately over time this porous facing masonry allowed moisture to enter the structure causing corrosion of the steel.

Sometimes this can also lead to cracks in the facing masonry leading to higher levels of moisture entering the structure where rain water protection details were not maintained over time.

Buildings showing this damage were not the only ones affected, although the damage appearing on the facing masonry are important warning signs that indicating that the steel frame structure of the buildings was beginning to weaken in some small or catastrophic way.

Sometimes the moisture would get between the steel and the out facing paint or covering and would corrode the steel without any outward signs of deterioration being apparent.

This led to the term Regent Street Disease being coined to describe the deterioration of these buildings which were built in this way along Regent Street. There are similar instances in the UK which can be found in Manchester, Bristol and the South West.

HTA preventing collapse & further damage

Henderson Thomas Associates have the experience and skills to survey and investigate these buildings, which are often difficult to assess.

Testing often requires an understanding that moving certain masonry could lead to further damage or collapse plus with many being important and or grade listed buildings additional care must be taken when carrying out such work.


Ask HTA for more on Regent Street Disease or any other projects before committing to your testing company. Even if you do not use us we are happy to advise on the best course of action for the outcome you wish to achieve.

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