We are still carrying out essential works on assets with additional safety measures.

Wall Tie Location

Using Specialised Equipment For Non Intrusive Detection

HTA use specialised equipment to non intrusively detect Wall Ties. We carefully remove masonry units to expose the Wall Ties and visually survey the condition and embedment depth plus check for correct installation.

Wall Tie insufficient embedment, incorrect wall tie specification and insufficient quantity of wall ties being installed can result in a reduction of the overall lateral capacity of the wall.

Without remedial action faults can result in serious structural problems including total wall failure which currently is making the news.

HTA Wall Tie Location Includes:

  • Non Destructive location of ties using the latest technology

Why use HTA for your Wall Tie Surveys

HTA have been involved with several high profile cases where accurate testing and understanding of the test results is paramount for the continued safety of the public as well as the integrity of the wall.

Therefore an experienced Testing Company such as HTA is vital, especially in the current climate where there are many building across the UK that have collapsed and many more whose state is unconfirmed.

Henderson Thomas Associates and Blyth & Blyth

The majority of our Wall Tie Surveys are undertaken for Blyth & Blyth. With them we have carried out work for:

  • Schools, Universities and Colleges
  • MOD
  • Police Stations
  • Courts
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Centres

Maximising Your Project & Minimising Problems

The time constraints involved when managing projects and suppliers is one of the biggest headaches that we help our clients with.

We offer a 'One Stop Shop' of services alongside Provisional Reports within 24 hours to facilitate any project. Get in touch for how HTA can maximise your project and minimise problems.